Hats, Hats, Hats!
This Web Page is for the dedicated HAT COLLECTOR who specifically deals with women's hats made between 1900 to 1975.

Anyone who enjoys hats (especially if they have veils) will like reminiscing on styles of chapeaux that have not been seen or appreciated since watching old reruns of "I Love Lucy" or for those who remember the late First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

My objective with this web page is to show some of the hats in my hat collection. My hope is that anyone who is interested in collecting hats will find some useful information. I would also like to give a brief history on womens hats. For anyone who does become interested, some sites have been given that will give anyone the opportunity to begin their own hat (or antique accessories) collections.
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Hat History

Hat History Cover 1900-1910 1910-1931 1934-1939 1941-1950 1952-1960 1960-1975

Some Of Marie's Hats!
[First hats that started the collection] First Hats
[Hat style called Cage's Hats 1
[Hat style called Cage's Hats 2
[Hats with feathers 1] Hats With Feathers 1
[Hats with feathers 2] Hats With Feathers 2
[Hats made with mink] Hats made with mink
[Woman's mourning hat] Woman's mourning hat
[Some of my favorite hats] Some of my favorite hats
[Pink hat bought at Church sale] Pink hat bought at church sale

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by: Marie Rodriguez-Gonzalez
alias Hat Lady